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    Is the fb3qs built in?
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    OK, first check the color settings in Settings/Projector settings/color settings. Make sure you have 3 laser RGB selected and select TTL under it, as the progector is TTL. Are you seeing red in the preview window?

    If you still get no red, check the 25 way from the fb3 to projector (change it to a new one or check continuity with a meter so you know all lines are working - specifically pins 5 and 18 is red+ and red-).

    If you still have trouble, you will need to check the wiring inside the projector to check the connection is good.

    Also, you can check for voltage on the red line from the fb3 with a meter - check pin 5 to pin 25 and then pin 18 to pin 25.

    Good luck :)
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    Hello Martin,
    Thanks a lot for your answer.
    i've selected yet 3 laser RGB and TTL in the proyector settings.
    Yes i see red in the preview window
    i've tested yet the 25 way cable for continuity. All is ok.
    Conection inside the proyector is good. Also cheked
    And also cheked fb3 with a multimeter. All is ok.

    Note: Please remember as i've said in my initial post, red diode is working fine. When i run the proyector with dmx signal all works fine. Oviouslly with the limitation of using this kind of proyector under DMX signal (only preprogramer efects and lees more...)
    The problem comes when i try the ILDA conection and the FB3. Red diode works, but when i send a red color from my computer the green diode don't turn off and i get a orange color. So more that the red diode does not work, the problem is that the green didode does not turn off when i send a red color from my computer.

    Any other sugestion?

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    Hi Javier,

    You didn't say that you do get red from the fb3, but get yellow instead before. That changes things a little. You could have a short between the green and red lines somewhere. Do you also get yellow when you output green from the fb3? Also, when running from DMX, have you tried plugging in the 25 way and fb3? if not try and see if you get the yellow problem.

    As you have your meter out, check for continuity between the red and green lines everywhere. It sounds like you have a short. As they are right next to each other, it's easy to make a mistake when soldering.

    Also check for volts on both red and green lines directly from the fb3 when outputting red only. If you see that, contact Pangolin directly. Did you buy the fb3 from a certified Pangolin dealer?

    Other than this, I'm stumped mate.

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    Please contact us directly by support (at)