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    hy, for about 2 weeks I thought of a "business". The basic idea is to buy a system "what kind i still do not know, you can help me in the field" that can write texts in the sky at night at about 15/20 meters height, example. happy birthday X / y love x , stuff like that.
    Now from what I have documented is that I cannot project laser text message on the sky because the laser need a terminal surface for the text to be seen, that if the information is correct. Question, is a system that can help me do this kind of think ?!
    If don't exists is any kind of balloon or something like that can be raised in the sky and be used as a terminal ?!

    The main idea of the business is to have a laser system or other kind "preferably small" that i can write texts in the sky at night, and go to people traveled areas to make some money. Example: if you want 30 min you text to be in the air pay 50 bucks.=)

    Thanks for you patience.