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    I'm pretty new to this thing. I bought a Reke 500RGB as a beginner model about a year ago. I've been using it for just Christmas and Halloween displays using QS with some great success.

    Recently DinoDirect screwed up an order and I convinced them to send me another REKE 500RGB instead of the screwed up order which is an upgrade from what I originally intended to purchase. Long story short, I now have a second projector and would like to utilize both projectors using my QS software.

    I'm not finding anywhere to purchase just the FB3 controller without having to purchase the software. In the meantime, I'm considering using a Y cable to mirror the output, but would love to be able to have separate cues running at the same time. 1. What complications if any should I expect trying to run a Y cable to mirror? 2. Where can I get a second FB3 without having to purchase the software, and how much is it?

    I've seen Ishow interface and software run for under 100.00. Will that hardware work with QS?

    Thanks in advance for helping me work this thing out.
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    There are two ways you can run two (or more) laser projectors using an ILDA signal.


    1.) What most professional laser companies do and what we at Pangolin recommend, is to use one Pangolin hardware controller (FB3, QM2000, etc.) for each individual laser projector you have running in your show. This allows for independent control of each laser projector, meaning that each laser projector can produce a different effect. Using independent control also ensures the highest quality output for your laser show, as each laser has it's own dedicated signal.


    2.) Splitting the signal is when you have one or more laser projectors, connected to the same Pangolin hardware device. We generally do not recommend this. However, if you need to run a show using this setup, you can use an ILDA splitter to split the DB25 cable to go to both projectors, or if your projector has an ILDA in and ILDA out connection you can “daisy chainâ€￾ projectors allowing you to run two (or more) projectors from the same hardware controller. When you run your show this way, you will get the same image projecting from all your laser projectors. Note, this is just like splitting an audio speaker connection (as it is an analog signal and the same signal will go to each laser projector) and many factors will contribute to the output you see on each projector. Cable length and the number of “splitsâ€￾ you do can cause lower output on the “laterâ€￾ projectors and 90% of the time you will see some differences in the images between projectors, size, color, ect due to the differences in the laser projectors themselves even if they are the same model projector.
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    Splitting ILDA Signal

    Love the software !!!

    Only using TEXT on 2 lasers (same model)...and splitting signal using "y" adaptor. Everything looks great except the text is backwards on second laser ??? Is there anything can do ???

  4. aricha

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    look at the back of the projector there may be a button that says X invert.
    If not than swap the wires on pins 1 & 14 on your Y spliter - the one that is going to your second projector.
  5. EdKaz

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    No there is no switch...Is there a adaptor I could buy ...I hate to hack up the molded plug...

    Thanks very much for the info !!!

  6. Aaron@Pangolin

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    You could make an "ILDA" adapter that swapped pins 1 and 14. Some ribbon cable and some crimp on DB 25 connectors would be all you need.
  7. EdKaz

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    Well I reversed the wires on pins #1 and #14 on one leg of the "y" adapter. No change ??? One image was still reversed ?

    Then I tried switching the ilda cable on the "y" adapter. That when things went bad !!! One laser will not work ! Not even in stand alone mode. It powers on and the fan tries to spin and random beams come out ?? Can one disconnect/ connect ilda cables with power on ???