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    Is the metwork between the two computers working? (that is, can the computers "see" eachother on the "My Network" window and transfer files?).

    Win XP generates a network instalation software on a floppy disk during the network setup that you must run on Win 98 to make the network work.

    You may also have to add the TCP/IP and NetBEUI protocols on the '98 machine (right click on Network Neighborhood / Add / Protocols).

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    Network is ok, file sharing between computers works fine.
    I'll try to use winXP in both PCs, if you think that W98 may be the problem.
    If there are other suggestions, i'm waiting...

    :( Andrew
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    PLEASE H E L P !

    I have a notebook, operating sistem WIN98 and i'm tring to control a QM2000 card installed in a desktrop PC, O.S. is WinXP.
    In desktop PC, LD e Showtime works good.
    The pangolin software Version is in both the latest, updated by internet.
    I have copied the "LD2000.dll" in both pcs, and in notebook i've modified LD2000.ini adding [QM2000] Network=1 .
    The Pc's are connected togheter with a Cross cable (no switch or hub) and i'm using a normal IP class-C address ( and
    I launch LD2000_Network.EXE in desktop PC and it runs with no problem.
    Then i launch LD2000 or ST2000 in notebook...
    Message is always the same:

    "InitialQMCheck": Master board
    The QuadMod32 did non respond to the initial checkout to routine.
    This may be due to a missing QuadMod32, or the adress is set wrong in the LD.ini file."

    Any suggestion ? I'm going crazy !!!!
    :mad: :confused: :mad: :confused:

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    I've tried again with 2 PCS in my office LAN, both with WinXP O.S.

    All ok, fast system and NO error or trouble ! :N

    i don't matter about Win98, simply i'll change O.S. to something more sturdy and stable (W2K?)

    Thanks Paulo ! :welcome:
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    Hi Paulo,

    I assume the networkfiles are also the latest.
    I would install xp so that you can run your desktop witout a keyboard,mouse and monitor.
    Plus you have remote desktop so that you can shutdown your desktop on your notebook.
    If showtime still isn`t running then we will have a closer look.
    Let is know,

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    Spacerockets: if your computer can handle Win2K, go for it; just make sure you have all the updated drivers.

    Hugo: Besides the Win XP remote desktop, another solution is TightVNC (
    The advantage of TightVNC is that it runs on any Windows versions.
    It's free.