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Discussion in 'Projection lenses' started by amvaughn, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Dear all,

    We have recently purchased a SwissLas PM-2300RGB that came with QuickShow.

    Our use with this laser is a little out of the ordinary. We are using it to put still images on a floor and cut product and use the laser as a cut line.

    After setting this up to shoot at the wall for testing i noticed something right off the bat. The vertical lines of my test square image were skewed. In other words when i set a straight edge on the line the line was bowed inward in the middle. This is similar to what you see with old monitors that you were able to adjust. I am unable to find if or how this can be adjusted. There is nothing on the projector itself for skewed lines. I was hoping there might be something in the software. Please help.
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    Under Settings, Projection Zones, there is a Geometric correction tab that should allow you to fix what you are seeing.