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  1. zerowaitstate

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    I wonder if any one has come across either of these issues. Beyond build 603

    1 - working with a page that has both atmospheric zone and normal zone cues, when jumping between multiple atmospheric cues then a few normal zone area then back to atmospheric. I find after may be 3-4 times through the evening (40 - 80 mins operation) that at some point all cues will be stuck in the atmospheric zone, requiring a reboot of the software to resolve the problem.

    2 - I have an APC40- hooked up and initially all controls map well and work well. On occasion I change focus of the software to Martin M-PC Lighting software to change DMX lighting rig manually (ie not the using attached playback wing) at some point that does not seem predictable the midi control drops out. on returning to Beyond I find the midi has failed and there is an error message stating the midi hardware is not available.

    Martin MPC has midi facilities but as far as I can see they are not enabled at this point. however in the long term I do wish to control both apps with midi via touch OSC

    any one else coming across these problems ?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I suggest updating to build 612 from our updates page: http://www.pangolin.com/UpdateFiles.htm. I think a few fixes were put in place from build 603.

    I have not experienced what you are seeing, either 1 or 2. I have recently used BEYOND and the APC40 for 2 gigs, both close to 4 hours, with no problems but that was with build 612.

    There may be a log file created when you are swapping between Martin and BEYOND and the APC40 looses connection. I would try to reproduce the issue and see if one is generated. If it is, send it to me via email and I will have it reviewed.