OEM version QM2000.NET > Power supply ?

Discussion in 'Networking' started by rallas, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Hi boys and girls %)

    Have bought the OEM version of the QM2000.NET some times ago.

    I think the older one NOT the V1 version ! See picture below.

    Up to now I have driven it only for test purposes with a ATX computer power supply with output 5 V and 12 V DC. --> You agree, it´s too big for the housing I will use. :D

    So now I want to install it into a separate housing.

    How much amps I have to slate for the 5 V and the 12 V current ?

    Or can anybody tell me the electrical values of the power supply of his QM2000.NET "laptop friendly" desktop box ?

    DEAR Pangolin-Team:
    My recommendation for these documentation of the QM2000.NET ... please write down the specific current consumption ... because I didn´t find it anywhere ! ... Thanks allot ;)
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    The entire QM2000 draws no more than 7 watts of power. Most of the time is is 1 amp from the +5V supply (so 5W there), and the remaining power to -12 and +12 volt supplies.