Offsetting output times useing multipule QS cards?

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    I was wondering if it was possable to offset output times on multiple QS cards?

    Just so i can be as clear as possable; i want to be able to press one key playing back one cue but have the output of to each card offset by 25ms.

    For eg; if i am using 4 QS cards controlling 4 lasers i want to be able to assign the following times for when the cue will play back

    QS card 1 = 0ms
    QS card 2 = 25ms
    QS card 3 = 50ms
    QS card 4 = 75ms

    If this is possable is there a way you can control the offset time live?

    Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    The easiest way to do what you are wanting is to create a small QuickTimeline "show" using, in your case, 4 tracks, each track set to a different projection zone (each projection zone should be assigned to a seperate FB3). Drag the cue you want to use onto each track so you have 4 tracks, each with the same cue on it; set the start time of each track's cue to be offset with your desired delay timelength, verify this is the effect you want, then drag that "show" up to a QuickShow cue for when you want to project this "effect show".

    I have attached a screen shot of a QuickTimeline example that does what I "think" you are looking for; although the time delay might be off from what you want.

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  3. MathewKellet

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    Thanks Aaron...

    Ill give that at try....
  4. MathewKellet

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    Playback BPM with timeline is not working correctly.

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the help really worked well.

    The problem i am having now is once i have created my time line and assigned it to a playback the BPM seems to be the wrong way around. When i increase the master BPM the time line cue is slowed, rather than increasing in speed.

    I have selected in time line cue properties to link it to the master BPM and selected units of measurement as beats rather than minutes and seconds.

    Is this the correct way?

    Please Help