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  1. anboyan

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    We have 7 laser device.we want to use one computer to control them. If i buy one FB4 with beyond essentials and buy another six FB4 with Quickshow.Can i use them with beyond by a computer? Thank you very much!-@
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Yes you can
  3. ENOT

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  4. As far as I know, if you buy a single Beyond license, you can use that number of FB4's, but they will be in master-slave mode. That is, you cannot make them do different things. Correct me if I am wrong.
  5. neutrino

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    yes they will do different things.

    Providing you have one Beyond license you can connect multiple hardware devices.
  6. Bob@Pangolin

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    I'm correcting you, cause your wrong;


    IF 1 controller is licensed for BEYOND and that same controller is in the network, you can use all of your controllers inside BEYOND and control them individually.

    The limitation is your license. Meaning, Essentials can handle till 9 controllers,
    Ultimate to 25 controllers. Only one of those 9 or 25 needs to be licensed for BEYOND, then you can control them all with BEYOND.
  7. OK, I stand corrected. Good to know!
  8. jdecarie

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    in regards to FB4

    We have Beyond Essentials as master with 6 quickshow as slaves, if a client comes with their computer which is Beyond Advanced can the FB4SE-plus (Quickshow as slave).

    If I enter their assign address from the Beyond Advanced to our FB4s will this work?
    Do I have to enter a key to the operated computer (Beyond Advanced)
    How can we connect our 6x FB4SE-plus with their system?

    Thank you

  9. Pangolin

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    I don't understand the question, but will say that once you have a license to use BEYOND, then it will work with any supported hardware (QM2000, FB3, FB4) -- AS LONG AS -- the licensed piece of hardware is available and connected to the same computer.

    If you are asking how you would essentially use two separate computers with BEYOND -- yours and theirs, with their hardware on their BEYOND computer, then multiple such computers can be connected and used together using something called "The BEYOND Network". See the menus for more information about this.

    However, the more typical scenario is a single BEYOND computer that is connected to all hardware simultaneously.

    Best regards,

    William Benner