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  1. dnar

    dnar Member

    Just curious if Pangolin have any plans to support the OpenDMX interface (simple FTDI & RS485 chip set) in QS or Beyond in the future?

    Many thanks.
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  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hello Dnar,

    At this moment we only support on quickshow;

    - Enttec USB Pro
    - Enttec USB Pro MK2 ( 1 universe)


    - Any art-net device like Enttec ODE for example.
    - SCAN
    - Enttec USB Pro
    - Enttec USB Pro MK2 ( 2 universes)

    At the moment we do not support other devices.
    I do know that Enttec devices are FTDI based, however, I can not tell you if any other FTDI device will work with these settings.

    But what the future may bring, nobody knows.

    We are working in the DMX area.

    (But in my own opinion, I am betting on art-net.)
  3. dnar

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    Thanks Bob.

    As the serial number is reported I had assumed the Enttec devices are microcontroller based, not just an FTDI convertor. Makes sense, as they prolly handle the required DMX timing requirements.

    I will build up an OpenDMX proto and try anyways.

    Many thanks.