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  1. alequil

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    how in quickshow i can make a trace to be followed by a laser beam. i want one one beam doing the form that i want and i didnt found that function yet.

    OTHER QUESTION... is possible to connect 2 pangoline fb3 in the same computer and run 2 quicktime..????

    i want to work with 2 lasers ot in parallel mode i want them doing different animations...

    third question is......... i have an rgb laser when i create an animation from the begginning i create a point (beam)... but is not powerfull...

    i understunt that if i make copy paste on the same point grow the power.... now the question.... is posibble to use the 100% power from the start without make the copy paste trick????? (not in target mode)

    if someone is so genius to answer alllllllll the questions i will appreciate a lot......


    be nice (like my grandmother say... don't look inside the laser beam!!! :cool:)
  2. soforene

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    Your Grandmother owns Lasers?
    Pics please. :D
  3. Aaron@Pangolin

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    1.) To do this you want the "trace frame" to be doing a write out effect. Unfortunatly I am not sure how to do a write out effect in QuickShow, only in LD2000. :eek: I know it is possible, I just don't know how to do it myself, or explain it to you.

    2.) Yes, you can control up to 9 Flashback 3 controllers at one time using QuickShow. You do this by using Projection zones.

    3.) To do this you right click on a cue, create->new frame/animation. Using the "Freehand" tool, hold down the control key and left click once in the frame editor; this will make a 2 point high power beam in your frame. Click "Show it now" but be careful. :cool:
  4. alequil

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    wow man.. thanks for your answer.....

    i will try all yours tips.... i m working hard with this program... how can i get the ld2000 is an expensive program or is free with yhe fb3 like QS????

    TY Aaron :)

  5. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    LD2000 is one of our professional level platforms and will not run on the FB3 hardware. LD2000 runs on our QM2000 pci card hardware controller; you would need to purchase a LD2000 package. :cool: