Original 70's Laserium Projectors

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    I am trying to track down photographs for my own personal collection of the original blue floor standing Laserium projector including the console from the 1970's. These projectors and their shows were my inspiration that started the fascination and now obsession with the laser annd laser show. I am only a private laserist and do not do public shows only for friends and family, I have an RGB projector and have built myself an RGB Lumia projector using wheels purchased from Ivan at Laser Images. This projector has 5 wheels and 5 'torture tubes' for additional effects. I also use other lasers with grating and bursts for other in-fill effects. My personal goal has been to reproduce the same look and feel of the original Laserium abstract shows that set my soul on fire all those years ago, it's great when I do my shows for people that have never seen a choreographed laser light show before as I think they get the same feeling that I had back when I was a young boy! My next phase to re-create the original Laserium experience is to have my set up in a dome... One day.... If anyone can help with the old projector images I would be truly grateful, and if anyone has one of the old systems in working condition then WOW! I would love to hear from you...
    Thanks Simon :)