OSC can't work!

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  1. hearts_j

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    I tried to control Beyond by OSC,when I installed the build 588 and run it at first time,I can control the pages by code "/beyond/general/SelectNextPage" .
    It works!but when I tried it another day,it can't work.I don't know why?Help me please.

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  2. Astatic

    Astatic Member

    Have you tried to turn off the firewall (for testing purposal only!) on the network card Beyond uses?
    Most of the unknown traffic is blocked by default on Windows, you have to create a rule for it or disable the firewall.
  3. hearts_j

    hearts_j New Member

    Yes,I turned off the firewall,but has nothing changed.
    PS: I run the application and Beyond on the same PC ,it can control Beyond ever.
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Which version of Beyond are you using?
    Are you sure, your using version 588?
  5. hearts_j

    hearts_j New Member

    yes,I am sure,the attached image can be seen.
  6. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Sorry.. I missed the screenshot.

    Okay.. so the OSC monitor does not show up anything?

    If so, there is an problem with your connection.


    - Firewall, make sure port 8000 is open.
    - Firewall, make sure Beyond is allowed to send/receive data.
    - Firewall, make sure your OSC "sender" is allowed to send/receive data.
    - Firewall, make sure the sender IP is opened.
    - Virus scanner, Some virus scanners apply package filtering, which can cause big delays.. Try to disable it.
    - In your case I see an small "sender" application, try IP or
    - Make sure the "sender" application does NOT use port 8000.
    (On an local host, sending and receiving 2 different applications on 1 port will not work.)
  7. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi Guys,

    I checked code and found that BEYOND block messages that comes from the same IP. On screenshot it visible - there are dots that represent communication, but no messages (no text). It means that the messages were blocked.

    Please contact us directly, we will give a link to beta for a test.


    PS: All recommendation of Bob are correct. The only one thing I can add - if you need to test OSC message, you can do it on PangoScript editor, see screenshot.

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  8. hearts_j

    hearts_j New Member

    Hi Alexey and Bob,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes,As Alexey said,Beyond block the messages from the same IP.Follow your path,Now it works!

    If somebody want to control Beyond via OSC on a local host.It can be done also.
    here we go.
    1.pull out the RJ45 port and run Beyond,then Beyond can get adress as ""
    2.plug in the RJ45 port,and run other "sender" application,it can get adress different form Beyond.
    3.then try to send OSC message.

    As the "sender" application has to receive command to control other devices and other things,so we must use Beyond and "sender" application in the same PC.Can you update Beyond and unblock the messages form the same IP.

    Best regards,