OSC commands.

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  1. themonkeybars

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    I am working on a OSC control surface for Beyond.

    Reading the documentation in the help file, as well as a document embedded in the OSC setup. I have been able to get Beyond to receive and send OSC commands.

    I use the /b/ string to activate feedback on certain parameters.

    An example that works is: /b/master/brightness This controls the brightness slider in the live control tab. the info is bidirectional so my OSC slider moves in relation to the Beyond Slider and vise versa.

    PROBLEM: I am trying to achieve the same results with MasterPause but I have had no luck.


    None of these work. is there more complete documentation on the existing beyond OSC commands or does any one have any insight in to how to get the Pause to work with OSC feedback.
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    I am having a very similar problem - I'd like to select and play a cue.

    I suspect the problem is to do with Beyond expecting a string but my interface (Lemur) is only able to send an int or float type. I'm planning to build a work around using PureData but it's a bit of a hassle and would be great if the interface could just go straight to Beyond and not through an intermediate step.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Soulstorm Lasers

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    Hi there themonkeybars

    I figured out a work around. If you can get your interface to send MIDI over wireless (as Lemur can), and use a virtual MIDI device such as loopMIDI, you can access those commands using MIDI instead of OSC.

    Send me a private message if you need more info :)

  4. nor

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    Hi Ben!
    Did you ever go further on this? Got Lemur today, to start chasing OSC control. I see people create scripts that send integers (for Cue triggering), inside Lemur.
    Have you created an interface with Lemur already?
  5. Igor Strakhov

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    Previous post was a long time ago. You can ask me what's bothering you...
  6. Bob@Pangolin

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    Lemur is indeed the right way to go and is able to execute cues.