1. MarcWebber

    MarcWebber Member

    i'm trying to control Beyond parametres via OSC.
    Beyond is receiving OSC from another laptop running MAX/MSP.
    I easily managed to get the OSC running, but i cannot assign variable values to the parametres, only fix values (e.g. "PositionX 0 //-100..100", every time i send OSC to the address the value jump to 0 instead of acting accordingly to the variable value sent).
    I tried to change the 0 to var (e.g. "PositionX var //-100..100"), but i get an "[Error] Unknown function or variable: var, Line 1".
    What is the correct syntax to use? How can i assign variable values to beyond parametres via OSC?
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    [email protected] Staff Member

    Hi Marc,

    Normally the OSC sender will send the values to beyond.
    Otherwise said.

    You need to define range in the "OSC sender".
    The phrase for x position is

    If ports are configured correctly on the OSC sender, Beyond will accept the values send by OSC.

    Keep in mind, posx has a range of -32768 till 32768 as these are 16 bit coordinates.

    You don't need to create a script for every function, we already defined a lot of functions:


    There are six areas where used Live Control object:


    example full path to Live Control:


    • sizex
      (range ,-400..400)
    • sizey
      (range ,-400..400)
    • sizez
      (range ,-400..400)
    • zoom
      (range ,0..100)
    • posx
      (range ,-32768 .. 32768 . Coordinate for output 16 bit.)
    • posy
      (range ,-32768 .. 32768 . Coordinate for output 16 bit.)
    • posz
      (range ,-32768 .. 32768 . Coordinate for output 16 bit.)
    • anglex
      (range , -360*8 .. 360*8 . 8 rounds)
    • angley
      (range ,-360*8 .. 360*8 . 8 rounds)
    • anglez
      (range ,-360*8 .. 360*8 . 8 rounds)
    • rotox
      (range ,-360*4 .. 360*4 . 4 rounds per second)
    • rotoy
      (range ,-360*4 .. 360*4 . 4 rounds per second)
    • rotoz
      (range ,-360*4 .. 360*4 . 4 rounds per second)
    • brightness
      (range ,0..100)
    • visiblepoints
      (range ,0..100)
    • colorslider
      (range ,0..255)
    • anispeed
      (range ,0..400)
    • scanrate
      (range ,10..200. 100 default)
    • red
      (range ,0..255)
    • green
      (range ,0..255)
    • blue
      (range ,0..255)
    • alpha
      (range ,0..255)
    • fx1
      (range ,-1..47. -1 means stop. 0..47 - effect index. 48 effects per row)
    • fx2
      (range , -1..47. -1 means stop. 0..47 - effect index. 48 effects per row)
    • fx3
      (range ,-1..47. -1 means stop. 0..47 - effect index. 48 effects per row)
    • fx4
      (range ,-1..47. -1 means stop. 0..47 - effect index. 48 effects per row)
    • fx1action
      (range , 0..100. effect action. 100 means fill action)
    • fx2action
      (range ,0..100. effect action. 100 means fill action)
    • fx3action
      (range ,0..100. effect action. 100 means fill action)
    • fx4action
      (range ,0..100. effect action. 100 means fill action)

    • size
      (range ,range size by x,y,z axis. -400..400,-400..400,-400..400)
    • pos
      (range ,position by x,y,z axis. -32768 .. 32768,-32768 .. 32768,-32768 .. 32768)
    • angle
      (range ,angle by x,y,z axis)
    • roto
      (range ,rotation speed by x,y,z axis)




    require two indexes - page and cue


    There are more possibilities. Where currently working on an instruction set.
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  3. keebs

    keebs Active Member

    I just ordered my copy of Beyond last night and am pleasantly surprised to find that you're added OSC support! Great job.

    I might just have to buy the Lemur iPad app someday. Some really cool things could be done with this combo...

  4. dennisthemenace

    dennisthemenace Well-Known Member

    i have lemur for ipad, and programing that thing is not the easiest, quite poor documentation from liine and hard learning curve, but indeed, amazing things could be done with it.
  5. MarcWebber

    MarcWebber Member

    Thanks Bob....

    We have got it working now...


    ER Productions
  6. vjernst

    vjernst New Member


    Hi Bob,

    Sorry for reviving an old thread; I'm wondering what the status is on the instruction set. Specifically it would be great if the global BPM could be controlled with OSC.


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  7. Bob@Pangolin

    [email protected] Staff Member

    Hi Everyone,

    So here an update.
    This is an raw document, but it should be all be there.

    The text has grown a little bit to large to post on the forum, so for now the file in html.

    For bpm, i would advice to search for beat in the document.

    Global BPM can be controlled by:

    /u/master/bpm value

    U = the beyond server name of your beyond installation, in case you have more osc servers available.

    Click here to download the file

    (You need to be logged in to download this file)

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  8. JohanH

    JohanH Member

    OSC Errors ? (or strange things)

    I'm trying to make/adapt a template for touchOSC, but detect some strange things. (or I'm doing something wrong)

    eg. when I try to map a touchOSC XY pad to the master position (/beyond/master/livecontrol/pos) the X & Y axis are swapped (but in the messages received and displayed these are correct) and the min & max values from the doc are wrong.

    in the doc :
    (range ,position by x,y,z axis. -32768 .. 32768,-32768 .. 32768,-32768 .. 32768)
    but only values between -127 & 127 are useful.

    Am I doing something wrong or is the doc not up to date ?

    Also, Beyond does not send any OSC feedback to the client (eg. to set the sliders to the current value). OSC Server & Client is enabled in Beyond with static IP assignments (no broadcast)

    Help? :)
  9. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi JohanH,

    You are right, "pos" indeed has a bug. The fix will be availble in the next build.

    Regarding the feedback - there are reasons why the feedback is not implemented directly in BEYOND. It is possible to organize the feedback by means of PangoScript.

    Best Regards,

  10. aaraaf

    aaraaf New Member

    We're having a little trouble getting OSC working with Touch OSC. It's not a problem if we just want a button to do something, but if we want slider "/1/vscroll1" to control "/beyond/master/livecontrol/brightness", what would the actual script be for that?

  11. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi aaraaf,

    Thanks for god question. In TouchOSC editor enable option "custom address" and replace address string "/1/vscroll1" to corresponding address of BEYOND`s OSC server.

    In general, OSC client should provide ability to define the address. You should not use any scripts, or something like that. In all cases, try to setup the OSC client. Only in the case if the client is not controllable, then you can use "OSC to PangoScript" gateway.

    Alexey Sinitsyn.
  12. rosettenkanal

    rosettenkanal New Member

    how i can use BUTTONS


    i have a small problem. i use OSC-Commander to controll Beyond via OSC.

    I can controll Fader (brightness, speed, alpha,....) [/beyond/master/livecontroll/...] IT WORKS

    but i cant use BUTTONS

    PLS witch is the correct CODE to start BUTTONS. I have download the OSC.zip for the codes.

    HELP me PLS
  13. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    You may test this command in PangpScript editor:

    /beyond/general/StartCue 0,0

    in context of OSC, address is: /beyond/general/StartCue
    and 0 and 0 are parameters/arguments. Page index and Cue index. Counting from 0.

    This is a gateway between OSC and PangoScript commands.

  14. rosettenkanal

    rosettenkanal New Member


    if i use PangoScript wiht the command "/beyond/general/StartCue 0,0" IT WORKS :D

    But if i send the command from my SMARTPHONE Don´t work :mad:
    tested with STRING and INTEGER

    think STRING is the correct

    2tn prob

    when a cue running (klick in Beyond) and u start the PangoSkript "/beyond/general/StartCue 0,0" the 1st Cue Dosnt STOP and 2 running

    but i start a Cue in PangoScript and klick than a CUE (in BEYOND) plays only 1 CUE

    FIXED: i make a user defined server WORKS :)

    need a command for OSC FEEDBACK for all things (its possibel) . found "OSC Feedback" in PagoScript

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  15. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member


    - Integer is not correct. Two integers, or two floats. You sent only one parameter.

    - There are separation by click source. This is intentional and this is how ti designed to work.

    - feedback for all things. I recommend to count the number of objects that can be controlled and number of properties, it will give some impression about the subject.

    - there is a /b/ server, it is gateway between Objects and OSC. This one has automatic feedback.


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