1. UpStage

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    Hi Folks,

    My first post here in the forums and its a question, I'm sending OSC data to BEYOND and the messages are in the format

    /point1/position x y z

    How do I assign this to three variables point1x, point1y and point1z?

    Also can I instruct pangolin to draw a line between point1x and point1y? or is this beyond its capabilities at this point?


  2. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi Jason,

    At present time BEYOND do not give access to such things from PangoScript or OSC. It should change in the future, the most possibly after release of 2.0.

    If you will give a bit more information then we will try to offer some other solution.

    Best Regards,

  3. UpStage

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    Basically I'm after passing points to Pangolin from an external source, this source is dynamic and generates points in three dimensional space in the format xyz I can compress this and remove the z axis so it outputs just xy, what I'd like to do is take this data in via OSC messages and have pangolin draw lines between the points, I've only just got my copy of beyond so am still looking whats possible and the first thing I've noticed is a lack of being able to pass data in and draw the data in real time, would be VERY desirable for live visuals such as displaying a waveform in realtime which is just a set of XY values, there are tonnes of applications for this if it's possible.

    The scripting however I can really make use of :)
  4. UpStage

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    Another nice to have is the ability to use FFGL plugins on the video output :) a lot of the work we do is visuals heavy and uses FFGL plugins (tonnes freely available) however not being a coder I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement.

    Pod :)
  5. ENOT

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    Hi Jason,

    Regarding FFGL - I sent email to corresponding members of Pangolin team.

    Regarding OSC and external point streaming. It would be good to know more about what you want to do. This is interesting theme, but there can be many variations, models, and so on. "The devil in details". As example, number of points, refresh rate, color, what application will send it.

    If you like, you may contact me directly.

    Best Regards,

  6. UpStage

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    Will send you a PM now ;)

  7. UpStage

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    Been quiet for a few days, been geeking out in the Lab lolol


    LOVE my shiny new Pangolin Beyond :D:D:D:D:D:D

    Just need to learn to dance now (oh and the parameters need fine tuning a bit)
  8. jb0815

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    Hi Alexey,

    I'm interested in the same area, create live data to create/modify/control cues. I did my first trials using data from a kinect sensor modifying livecontrols of a cue using OSC messages. But realy cool would be live creation of cues even simle ones, sending justa few points which define a drawing and it's position. I know there are lots of possible things and questions which may come up, why don't start with simple things:
    Maybe just scripting of cue editor functions or QuickText or whatever .

    I just posted a new threat (bevor I found that one) and asked for the possibility to create a text message using pango script (through OSC messsages) . This is similiar stuff.

    I really hope that beyond 2.0 goes in this direction, would be great.
    Interactive lasershows could be the future !

    And I'm asking myself why Pangolin doesn't intergrates stuff like this interactive show control which is currently sold by Kvant (using a kinect too)
    in Beyond !?

    Best Regards

  9. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi Peter,

    I recommend to take a look at what you already have. Pointing on the other system does not really work in my case, because if to follow this advice then it means - to be on a step behind. This is not our goal.

    BEYOND offer variety of ways how to control the data. I guess you known about
    Object Tree window that display all 1st level object. By means of /b/ OSC server, you have a bidirectional gateway between Objects of BYEOND and OSC. As example /b/master/bpm is same as master.bmp. BEYOND provide a feedback for /b/ server. You may assign identifiers to shapes, effects, synth, and so on, and control them externally.

    The second direction is Channels. The third direction - "Inputs". Take a look at that.

    To be or not to be, create or not create... If you know what you want, then why create it all at real time? It is faster? no. Easier? no. My recommendation - create the objects of show at the design time, and control them at real time. It should be possible to enable or disable parts, what is similar to create and destroy, BUT, in the content of multi-thread application this is faster and safer.

    Anyway, the words like "interactive" may have different meaning. I do not know what exactly you talking about. As a rule, there are different ways of implementation. So, the question - what do you want at the end?