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    I just have a question as to any connectivity issues when doing a show at an outdoor venue. In different building I have required a change in IP address in order for the QM to connect to the laptop. If there any issue I would like to find them out, or possible troubleshooting ideas.

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    (novice laser show designer)
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    I dont understand the question completely, but did you check the application
    "c: \ld2000\Network\QM2000NET_Config.exe" to configure the ld2000.net?

    If this application does not allow you to change the IP address of the ld2000.net, i think you need to contact pangolin.

    Make sure your pc is in the same ip range as the controller currently is configured before changing the ip address.

    Also, you can find a network scan utility on Pangolinshows.com.