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  1. San

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    Dear Pangolin Team,

    one of my customers wants to have a special lasershow player. The player must react on external hardware events (I/O ports). Depending on the I/O state (ext. I/O Card) playback of customer made lasershow has to be triggered. The shows will be very complex even containing raster frames.
    Now I am searching for a system to satisfy my customer. A friend of mine told me about QM2000 and its possibilitiy to be acessed by open API. We talked about the project and he figured out, doing it in VB oder .net (which I know well) will be easy. BUT there are some limitations he does not know how to solve:

    1. QM2000 can hold only one show in its RAM. If the state of my I/O changes, show has to be loaded which will take a while (esp. when using raster frames). This delay has to reduced to a minimum. So we need a possibility to hold up more than one show in the RAM and start it quickliy. Some kind of preloading should be possible, because QM2000 RAM is big enough. When preloading more than one show, I will get problems, because ShowTime references the frames by number. If there is an effect in the show, that uses one frame as basis for an effect (like moving an other frame along the points of a second frame), there will be big problmes. So, what solution can pangolin offer?

    2. As the system will be mobile, I have to direct a show into a projection zone. MY projectionzone setting has to have higher priority than the shows internal projectionzone settings.

    3. I took a look into the API declaration files for the LD2000.dll. It seems to be very very old as new and important features like projectionzones are not defined. Can you please send my an update?

    At first I thought about using Live! with an external hardware to simulate a lasershow performer console...but this is not smart.

    Greetings from Germany

  2. GlennT

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    Hey San,

    Have you thought about using the CD2000? This allows external input triggering, along with multiple zones including raster, as well as the ability for 99 shows. Depending on the size of the frame file, theres not usually much loading time per show.

    Regarding mobility, we have used this CD2000 system along with our 200mW compact diode projector in a scooter! We used a 12v to 240 inverter.

    Click here for CD2000 info

  3. San

    San New Member

    Thank you for the reply. I have read the CD2000 page, but the ability to trigger shows is not pointed out. I don
  4. Bill Arkin

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    Sebastian, we have done much of what you are describing using our Wizard2000 Server software which is based on the Pangolin LD2000 API. If you have a board with a lot of memory, then we implement a form of virtual loading. All of your shows are stored in memory and when you change which one to play, they shuffle around to bring the new show frames to the front. This is very low latency.

    Wizard2000 supports loading 30 shows and you can make some keys be a linking of several shows plus looping is suppported.

    Server means that you can trigger all of the playback capabilities by a wide means. Standard Wizard2000 has MIDI input supported. Wizard2000 DMX has DMX input supported. The Server version can use other programs under the standard MS OLE conventions. We have used also serial port, parallel port, and ethernet triggers.

    Take a look at http://www.lasershs.com/SS_Software.htm#BeamWizard

    Best regards,

    Bill Arkin
  5. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Dear Sebastian,

    Thanks for your question. I would say that the responses so far from both Glenn and Bill Arkin are excellent responses and really both are good answers.

    The CD2000 can be controlled externally, but this will require serial commands coming into the CD2000 serial port. The CD2000 is really quite flexible -- probably more flexible than is realized by just looking at our web pages.

    And yes, Bill Arkin's Wizard 2000 software may also help you in this regard. Bill has done extensive work in other software controlling the QM2000 and Bill even has COM objects.

    Otherwise, I would be happy to send you the Autoplay source code which you may use and modify yourself.

    Regarding the SDK documentation, as far as I know, there are basic references for the Projection Zones features insomuch as loading and saving projection zones. Other controls will require direct dialog with Pangolin since the Projection Zone features stay "in flux" and so we like to counsel developers on the best way to use Projection Zone commands while maintaining compatibility with older and newer versions. Please contact me directly if you really need this information.

    Best regards,

    William Benner