Palm-Sized Laser Controller

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    Please give more information about
    Palm-Sized Laser Controller. :)
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    The "Palm sized laser controller" that you are talking about is our Flashback series of laser controllers.

    Pangolin has a line of very small, credit card sized projector controller boards that use smartmedia flash memory, just like the memory used in digital cameras, for frame and show storage. Shows can be created with Showtime and loaded into the flash memory in the form of cues. These cues can be triggered by TTL or serial signals, or by Infrared remote control. You can read about this product on page 5 of the August 2003 Edition of The Laserist magazine.

    We have an evaluation package that we send out for the Flashback 2 board, that includes the board, a pre-programmed smartmedia module, Infrared remote control, connectors, etc. Basically everything you need to evaluate the Flashback system.

    We also have a newer board called the Flashback 3, which includes 4 color channels (instead of just 2 like the Flashback 2) and we also have a daughterboard for the Flashback 3 that will allow DMX or MIDI to control the board.

    These boards are very small and require only a single 5V supply at around 100mA, so they are well suited for small dedicated tasks.

    For those who want more information, I can send an MS:Word document that we distribute along with the evaluation kits. Please email directly and we will send this out. We will also make a web page shortly to describe these products.