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    I am interested in using Pangolin software due to its amazing capabilities. I am curious as to what the best, most professional laser projector money can buy was that is also compatible with this software. Any other information to what would be necessary with installing this system would be greatly appreciated. (Sorry, trying to understand all the bits and pieces to these great laser technologies so any info helps)

    Oh and I've been looking at a laser projector system from (the DL3 RBG 3W) and was wondering if there are better systems because I am thoroughly impressed by this one. If anyone has one, mind listing the price you paid for it?
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    Dear Shank,

    It's impossible for us to give you a good recommendation for a projector, since there are so many, and there are more and more coming out all of the time. It is just impossible for us to keep up with the different projectors available in the marketplace today.

    I am not familiar with the projector you have mentioned here. However, I can say that it is certainly our goal that the software would be usable on any laser projector that you can put your hands on.

    You might review the first few chapters of our Tutorial DVD, which you can see online here:

    Best regards,

    William Benner