Pangolin User Meeting -- Amsterdam 2006

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    Hi All,

    We would like to announce an upcoming Pangolin User Meeting, which will be held in downtown Amsterdam on October 11-12, 2006. We believe this will be the biggest Pangolin User Meeting ever, and even as we speak (er, write) Pangolin Power Users are making plans to attend and do presentations about Pangolin tricks and tips.

    Back in November 2003, we had an informal Pangolin User Meeting at the offices of Hugo Bunk, located close to Amsterdam. The meeting was such a success, we always vowed to return. Well, now is the time for us to return, thanks once again to some special hosting assistance by Hugo Bunk.

    This will be no ordinary Pangolin User Meeting. There will be a lot of computers available for people to use and try Pangolin software and hardware. And, during the two-day format, there will be sessions which demonstrate advanced techniques in LD2000, Showtime and the Lasershow Converter products. Master Laserists Glenn Turner and Hugo Bunk will also give detailed instruction on the use of LivePRO.

    Of course we will also have the Pangolin Prize competition with prizes worth up to $3500.

    For complete information on the upcoming Pangolin User Meeting in Amsterdam, please see the page:

    If you would like to make a presentation at this meeting, please contact Pangolin using our contact form:

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Please feel free to cantact me if you have any questions about going to, being in, what to do, and where to stay in Amsterdam. Also I might be able to get you a cheap ticket.
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    I wonder know how can I get in from Minsk. How much does it cost(tickets, meal, accomodation)?
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    Hi Selvandr,
    I found this for you: sorry no link possible so I had to copy past it

    10-10-2006 Minsk (MSQ) Departurek 14:40 LOT-Polish Airlines LO706 0
    Warschau (WAW) Arival 14:55
    Duration: 01:15 Toestel: EMJ
    10-10-2006 Warschau (WAW) Departure 16:55 LOT-Polish Airlines LO267 0
    Amsterdam (AMS) Arival 19:00
    Flighttime: 02:05 Toestel: EMJ

    13-10-2006 Amsterdam (AMS) departure 07:45 LOT-Polish Airlines LO270 0
    Warschau (WAW) Ariaval 09:45
    Duration: 02:00 Toestel: EMJ
    13-10-2006 Warschau (WAW) departure 11:15 LOT-Polish Airlines LO705 0
    Minsk (MSQ) Arival 13:30
    Flighttime: 01:15 Toestel: Boeing 737-500

    Price 1 persoon Totaalprice
    1 x adult
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    BTW there are less then 10 tickets left :eek: for the Pangolin training day on thursday 12 October.
    For the pug meeting on Wednesday we have no restrictions so no hurry there although we like to hear it as soon as possible.
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    Greetings everyone,
    I just completed the Pangolin Users Group meeting in Amsterdam. The best PUG meeting to date!!

    Great information shared and networking opportunities with other Pangolin users.

    I also wanted to thank Bill Benner and Pangolin for continuing the PUG meetings.

    Plus a very large thank you to Hugo of for hosting the meeting and providing all the equipment needed and to Glenn Turner of for his Live pro training.

    All your efforts are very much appreciated!

    Kyle Garner
  7. Hello Bill

    thanks over again for this grandiose meeting in Amsterdam! And also thanks to the whole "staff" who makes it possible.

    It was a lot of information, particularly with regard to LivePro - Thanks Glenn.

    I hope you are well back in the USA.

    Sincerely yours

    Bernd Steinert
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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for replying. Yes, Hugo and his staff helped to put on an absolutely fantastic meeting!! The only thing Hayden and I had to do was show up and connect our computers!! I had many people come up to me and say that this is the way a laser conference shoud be. Of course, I agree...

    While we were there, we received a few feature requests and noticed a few bugaboos... We will be posting a new version of LD2000 with the additional features and fixes within a few weeks. And of course, we will soon publicly post the results of the Pangolin Prize along with a lot of great pictures we took.

    By the way. At this meeting, we used (for the first time on a large scale) an extension to the QM2000 hardware platform, called the QM2000.NET. This is a special network adapter board that can be attached to a normal QM2000, allowing you to connect a computer to the QM2000 via Ethernet instead of plugging it into a computer. Normally we sell these as a separate box with the power supply, network adapter and QM2000, but Hugo integrated the QM2000 and the little network adapter board directly into his (tiny) projector. We will be selling the little adapter boards separately for those who want to integrate a QM2000 into their projector like Hugo does. But it was a pretty cool setup. Imagine, we just showed up at the show site, pluged the network cable into our laptop computer, and instantly had access to 7 projectors. No analog cables, no extra power supply for the MAGMA, nothing... Not even a power supply needed for the laptop. This is the configuration that Hugo has been experimenting with for a brief time. Earlier in the week, he did a big gig in a club whereby he controlled 25 projectors in this way. Clearly the QM2000.NET will help to make large show setups (and even small setups with a laptop computer) an easy reality. We will have more information about the QM2000.NET and packaging options soon.

    Please keep a close watch on the "What's new at Pangolin" page for these updates. For convenience, you can find the link here:

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    Hi All,
    A big thanks for all of you showing up and a sorry for the guys that couldn`t make it.
    The hard work was soon forgotten when I saw everbody enjoying the meeting, We did the best we could and didn`t had much time for it, but thanks to all the guys that helped me out and putting this together. Please do not hesitate to give me any feedback that could improve a next meeting!.
    I believe everybody is home save, Even Glenn who had a big delay in London and speaking of Glenn
    I was really impressed by your Livepro workshop and believe you did a monster job there!
    Too bad that it is not possible to read DSP and Lobo System shows or else a ILDA awards would me much easier with QMnet :cool:
    If you like to hear any feedback from me about qmnet do not hesitate to get in contact with me.
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    Hi Hugo,

    You wrote:

    Actually it IS possible!! This was actually done one year for the Awards Banquet at the ILDA conference. Files come in and are converted to Pangolin for playback. It makes the awards presentation at ILDA very easy and completely consistent in terms of size, color, geometric correction, etc. No goofy cables, switch boxes, etc. And no "shock the monkey" (inside joke for those who were at the ILDA meeting in Rimini).

    Unfortunately, one company didn't like this too much (I won't name any names...) since they thought Piracy might result. Of course this is ridiculous... ILDA Awards have been going on for a very long time, and laser shows submitted for an award have never found thier way outside the close grip of ILDA. But paranoia prevails...

    In any event, if there is anyone with a DSP or LOBO system who wants to convert their content to Pangolin, just let me know. This is possible and easy and we provide a free utility so that you can do this yourself. A number of clients have already done this.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Bill: Actually it IS possible!!

    Wow that will save a lot of trouble :N, you know that I rent my stuff to other companies also, unfortunally they never seen the real light and they are working with there own software and I have to make stupid adaptors and inputs on my projectors since they have a qm inside with ethernet interface.
    I am wondering how good the conversion goes for colors? No difference in original and converted frames?
  13. Pangolin

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    Hi Hugo,

    I am referring to complete shows. When using (for example) our Lasershow Converter ADAT program, there is no noticable loss in fidelity. In fact, often times the result looks better than the original...

    We'll have to figure out what other software is used, and then do something to help. Already Pangolin's LD2000 series can load 11 laser-related formats, so it may be possible to us to load their frames directly. Hopefully things that we are doing currently and in the future will sway them to use Pangolin.