Pangolin User Meeting, November 12, in Orlando

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    On November 12, Pangolin will hold our annual User Meeting. The meeting will run from 10:00 am until about 4:00 pm. It will take place in a meeting room at the Rosen PLAZA Hotel, which is located right next door, on the right hand side of the Orange County Convention Center where LDI is being held. There is a walkway that conveniently leads from the Convention Center to the Rosen PLAZA Hotel.

    As usual, this meeting will be open to all -- clients, dealers and potential customers. There will be presentations from Pangolin and from our dealers and clients who will be showing Pangolin-related wares. There will also be a variety of laser shows from past Pangolin Prize winners as well as some of the newer ones which will be included on our Distribution CD.

    We are encouraging everyone interested to sign up early for the Pangolin User Meeting now. Please see the details at:


    Normally, Pangolin holds its annual User Meeting in conjunction with the annual ILDA membership meeting. And normally, this membership meeting is held some time in October or November each year. This year, ILDA will not be
    having its annual membership meeting in October or November and in fact, will not be having any membership meeting during the year 2005. Instead, ILDA will be having its annual membership meeting in March of 2006, and will be co-located with the SIB conference in Rimini, Italy.

    Since ILDA was not going to be having its membership meeting during 2005, likewise Pangolin did not schedule its User Meeting as we usually have in the past. However, due to great amount of interest on the part of our user base, we have decided to have a User Meeting in conjunction with this year's LDI show in Orlando.

    Team Pangolin
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    A few more things. We would like to point out that when you come to the meeting, you will receive a free Pangolin T-shirt (we have two different styles to choose from) and a "Boxed Lunch" (we have two different ones to choose from). If you have any unanswered questions about our software, or about laser techniques in general, this would be a good meeting to attend.
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    So far it looks like we will have a pretty good turn out for the meeting. Hayden, Paulo and I will also be on the floor of LDI, Friday November 11, 2005.

    Be there are be square :cool:
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    This year's Pangolin User Meeting was pretty good, with attendees from the U.S., Japan, and Latin America. We made a brief write-up about the meeting which you can find here:

    We would like to thank everyone who attended, especially given the short notice of this year's meeting.

    Team Pangolin