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    Hi i`am new here and want to learn more about laser and controller.
    I use now the daslight that i controll my dmx lights.
    I wonder if i can controll my dmx light toghter with a laser with the pangolian programs? i want to make showes togheter with laser and dmx light effects like american dj adj inno pocket wash for example is it possible ? how do i do ?

    Can i use my daslight to sync with Quick show/beyond or can i make Everything in Quick show/beyond? or do i need some extra dmx controller saw somthing like Enttec?

    I have Watch lots of videos but now one explain how to making a show togheter whit both laser and dmx light effects.

    hope you otherstand what i meen and can help me out

    Sorry for my bad english
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    Yes, you can control both laser projectors and DMX lights with QuickShow but yes, you will also need an ENTTEC DMX USB Pro device.

    BEYOND can do this with a couple more protocols and has more robust abilities for DMX Fixture controlling.

    You can use DMX output from our applications to control your lights and Daslight or also control both BEYOND and QuickShow via DMX.

    Making a show like you want will take work and practice; I am not aware of any tutorials that show how to do both. In our applications you will make DMX sequences with the DMX Out tab, save the sequence to a cue, then play that cue live or put it on a Timeline for a preprogrammed show... or you set up your Daslight to trigger laser cues from our applications and then control everything via DMX.
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    thanks for the help :)

    thanks for
  4. dj robs

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    just wonder
    what can beyon do in their dmx programs not qs can do?