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  1. Sid Sloth

    Sid Sloth Well-Known Member

    HI I have been trying to do pangscript as in the video but when I try the link to pango and midi t wont work at all but mouse on the fader does. I copied every step in the video but cant seem to work out why. Can anyone help please.
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I think ou need to make sure your APC20 is communicating with BEYOND before you try to mimic whats going on in that video.

    Here is a video of Bill connecting and configuring an APC40 at LDI 2012:

    This should help you make sure your APC20 and BEYOND are talking nicely to each other, then you can try to follow the other tutorial.
  3. Sid Sloth

    Sid Sloth Well-Known Member

    pangoscript to apc

    I tested my apc and it runs ok im using the apc 20 with apc 40 map I then removed the midi to fader in midi map to give clean fader then it sees the selected fader then wrote the pangoscript as in the video but still no response from the fader but mouse make the faders on screen work.. any suggestions!!!
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  4. Sid Sloth

    Sid Sloth Well-Known Member

    Managed to sort it now simple error