Pangoscript for active cue selection

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  1. Jameson

    Jameson New Member

    If I want to select a different active cue for cue only live editing/fx how can I script this?

    I’m using beyond ultimate and the apc40 mk template.

  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    What are you asking?
  3. Jameson Wolff

    Jameson Wolff New Member

    Okay I'll try to clarify.

    I'm using Beyond Ultimate with an APC40 mk controller with the mappings provided by your programmers.

    Say I am running two active cues in Zone 1

    I normally can select one of them with the mouse and it will be highlighted in green in the preview window

    I then can Live and QuickFX that specific cue ONLY using button 23.

    Now my goal is to not have to use the mouse to jump from one cue to the other to effect them individually. Is there a button I can create using TouchOSC and if there is what is the pangoscript for this :)

    Hope this is descriptive enough :)
  4. rpomygal

    rpomygal New Member

    Jameson, I can tell you that you cannot use TouchOSC to trigger a cue. Since TouchOSC will only pass a float value at the end of the address message, it won't work. Beyond requires a string to be passed for the Page and Cue values. Advanced message types such as strings after the address, is not supported in TouchOSC. I've written Hexler and asked about it. They are aware of the limitations and will add that functionality in the future, but there is no timeline for it. The command to do so would be something like /beyond/general/startcue 10,1 but TouchOSC cannot pass the 10,1 in string format. Sadly, I have not found a workaround. I think someone found a program that could intercept the above command, and change it to the correct float & string needed, then pass that to Beyond, but I haven't found it.
  5. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Try lemur , not as simple as, but 100 times more powerfull