Pangoscript for DMX Out for range of values

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  1. Chris Harris

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    I need pangoscript to control DMX output by a range of values via a MIDI slider.
    Our laser projector has a built-in DG filter with a motor to control rotation. I can turn it on and off with a MIDI button tied to pangoscript for "DMXOUT 114, 255" and it works fine. But, the second parameter (speed of motor rotation) is accessed via DMX channel 115. I need to create a MIDI slider that allows me to control a range of values (between 0 and 255) on DMX output channel 115.
    "DMXOUT 115 ExtValue (0,255)" doesn't work. But, I need a command that would function similar to this.
    Can anyone help?
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    DMXOUT 115, ExtValue (0,255)
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