Pangoscript tab removed in beyond 2.1 essentials.

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  1. Liddell Marilyn

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    Hi guys,

    I initially bought quickshow with an FB3 and then upgraded that to BEYOND for an additional fee.

    When I did this I used to have a Pangoscript tab that I used to run a basic script to just rotate through the different panes to the music I played.

    I did read that the new Beyond 2.1 was coming out but wasn't that interested as I was ok trundling along as I was. Eventually Beyond would no longer start and demand to be upgraded to Beyond 2.1 (essentials).

    This seems to have removed the Pangoscript tab.

    I wholly understand why a company will have multi-tier offerings but is this what has actually happened here? A forced upgrade that's removed functionality?

    I can see there is still a Pangoscript Taskmanager and the features box for essentials seems to allude that I can load a script into it somehow - is that possible?

    Sorry if this is obvious to you it's not to me at all.
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Script editing is only possible in Advanced.

    Since 2.1 we have split it up into 3 versions, essentials , advanced and ultimate.

    You can still download the SLE version from our website and run it inside another directory.
    Then you can use SLE concurrent with the latest version of BEYOND.

    However, the latest version of BEYOND (2.1+) is on the level that you originally purchased.