Pangoscript tab removed in beyond 2.1 essentials.

Discussion in 'PangoScript, Universe and Midi Templates' started by Liddell Marilyn, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Liddell Marilyn

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    Hi guys,

    I initially bought quickshow with an FB3 and then upgraded that to BEYOND for an additional fee.

    When I did this I used to have a Pangoscript tab that I used to run a basic script to just rotate through the different panes to the music I played.

    I did read that the new Beyond 2.1 was coming out but wasn't that interested as I was ok trundling along as I was. Eventually Beyond would no longer start and demand to be upgraded to Beyond 2.1 (essentials).

    This seems to have removed the Pangoscript tab.

    I wholly understand why a company will have multi-tier offerings but is this what has actually happened here? A forced upgrade that's removed functionality?

    I can see there is still a Pangoscript Taskmanager and the features box for essentials seems to allude that I can load a script into it somehow - is that possible?

    Sorry if this is obvious to you it's not to me at all.

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