Pangoscript tab removed in beyond 2.1 essentials.

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  1. Baba

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    Hi guys,

    I initially bought quickshow with an FB3 and then upgraded that to BEYOND for an additional fee.

    When I did this I used to have a Pangoscript tab that I used to run a basic script to just rotate through the different panes to the music I played.

    I did read that the new Beyond 2.1 was coming out but wasn't that interested as I was ok trundling along as I was. Eventually Beyond would no longer start and demand to be upgraded to Beyond 2.1 (essentials).

    This seems to have removed the Pangoscript tab.

    I wholly understand why a company will have multi-tier offerings but is this what has actually happened here? A forced upgrade that's removed functionality?

    I can see there is still a Pangoscript Taskmanager and the features box for essentials seems to allude that I can load a script into it somehow - is that possible?

    Sorry if this is obvious to you it's not to me at all.
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Baba,

    Thanks for your post. Your concerns are legitimate and understandable.

    First let me say that what you wrote above isn't quite correct. You simply have a misunderstanding. I am sure our own communication have helped to lead to this misunderstanding, but in any event I'd like to clarify things.

    First, it's simply not true that you are "demanded to be upgraded to 2.1". HOWEVER -- what is true is that there are now two separate versions of BEYOND that are available to you, the two versions being kind of "old" and "new".

    If you'd like, you can continue to use the "old" version. This is called 699. You can download it from our website right now. It is not our intention to change that. You can use 699 for basically as long as you'd like, with all of the features you've ever had. However, you should be aware that this version will -- essentially -- never be updated. It's kind of "stuck in the past".

    Version 2.1 (and very soon version 3.0) are the "new" alternatives. They do new things and are in a state of constant evolution. The "new" versions are available in three versions -- Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate.

    (Note that you can have both the "old" and "new" versions installed on the same computer and they will not interfere with each other.)

    If -- at the time you purchased BEYOND -- you paid the amount of money that corresponded to Essentials, then when you receive a license for the "new" versions of software from Pangolin, you will receive a license for Essentials.

    However, again, I must emphasize that if you're happy using the old version, you can just keep on using it. No problem. Just understand that -- especially when BEYOND 3.0 comes out, it will become obvious that the old version is simply going to feel older and older.

    I hope this helps to clarify things. If not, please give us a call at 1-800-PANGOLIN or +1-407-299-2088 and we'll be happy to get into a greater dialog about this.

    Best regards,

    William Benner