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    We are teaching school assemblies across the country about the awesome science/tech that makes laser shows work.

    We're trying to migrate from LD2k to BEYOND, and need some help.

    Two demos we usually use are:
    1 - Scrub to a place in a show and pause there. The Playlist view has a scrub bar (random access time bar), but no pause button that I can find. The Cue view has a pause button on each cue, but no way to scroll through time that I can find. Help?

    2 - Slow the laser motion to obviously visible speeds, ideally 1000 Points per Second, or one Frame per second. In LD2K the scan rate slider went super low and worked great. In BEYOND I can't find a way to slow it down enough.

    The goal is for these two things to work together. After a show, pick a frame and slow it down so we can see what the laser was "really doing."

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. BKuchar

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    Hi Wondergy,

    well it's possible to pause the playback of a show in BEYOND, just use the spacebar of your keyboard to start/pause your show, make sure the "enable laser output" button is pressed. If your coming over from ShowTime avoid to use the "ESC" key to stop playback, as it will set the "enable laser output" to disable, so if you hit the spacebar again after that there will be no laser output.

    For your second question, I think it is on purpose that you can not set the scan rate under a certain value in BEYOND. So why not stick to Showtime for such demonstration? I demonstrate the scan rate usually at laser safety courses where I still use LD2000/ShowTime2000 to demonstrate such kind of things, as BEYOND is taking care by itself of some safety issues.

  3. ENOT

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    Pause in Play List added, and will be available in coming build.

    You may decrease sample rate N time by means of Power Effect or Point repeater key effect. Repeater equal two will decrease sample rate twice. And so on.

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