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  1. Lightstyler

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    Hey everyone,

    has anyone ever tried to import animation via the FBX import tool in BEYOND? There is no option in BEYOND to get the animation information out of the FBX file, like in all other 3d programs "vertex cache to PLA" or vice versa. Does anybody know a way to get PLA animation to BEYOND? Please help.

    Thank you for your time. -@ Best wishes,

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hey Frank, can you send me your animation for testing? I have imported a FBX file but it was not animated.

    Also, what version of BEYOND are you using?
  3. Lightstyler

    Lightstyler Member

    Hey Aaron,

    I created a FTP access for you. Please check your private messages. -@
  4. masterpj

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    Hello Frank

    To export animation you will have to tick the animation box on the FBX exporter.
    (The exporter should pop up when u have selected a location to save the fbx file to)
    I included some screenshots so you know what to tick to export animation.

    This will export particles and nearly any type of animation. Animation that it doesn't export correctly can be baked with scripts.

    If there are any more problems: I can ask Aaron to send the project files to me (with your permission first) so I can assist you further.
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  5. Lightstyler

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    Hey masterpj,

    thank you for helping me. I see that the FBX export plugin is only available for 3Ds Max and Maya, but not for Cinema 4D. So I have to ask a friend first. He is working with Maya. You can also have the animation file from Aaron to test it yourself of course.

    Best wishes. =)
  6. Lightstyler

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    I also tried it in Cinema 4D via the CD FBX Exporter. I baked animations and deformers, everything. But the animation is gone in Beyond.
  7. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Thanks PJ! I have sent you a compressed version of the file and FTP login if you need the original.
  8. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Dear Frank,

    We thank you for posting this to the forum, because this is the kind of information that would benefit many users.

    We looked at your FBX file. The geometry loads correctly, but indeed there is no animation. That is a limitation in BEYOND 3D at this point.

    The animation you are talking about is called Vertex Cache or PLA (point level animation) which could be an already-baked character animation, as Pieter indicated. Basically it is multiple snapshots of all the vertices' position over time.

    Character Animations tend to be very hard to create and setup but not too bad to playback. So while it is unlikely we would ever add the ability to actually create Character Animation in B3D, we could certainly allow users to load an already setup character or in this case PLA for playback only.

    PLA is something we had in mind for future B3D development and our colleague in Germany Cathleen also has mentioned it in one of her tests before. So with this being said, we will be adding this feature over the next month or so - first as a "load only" option, and then maybe add some additional tools/means to modify and work with it.

    Again, we thank you for your inquiry and the ability to respond.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  9. Lightstyler

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    Hey Bill,

    anyway I found a possibility to import the animation to BEYOND frame by frame. It took a little bit of time, but not of course you had to have to draw each frame by hand. Thank you for your information.

    Best wishes,