playback during keyframing

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  1. meowmeowmeow

    meowmeowmeow Member

    I had another computer that was setup so that while keyframing it did not pause, on this one that setting appears to be one (or is this a bug?) where is the menu to turn that off?

    -also I forget the hotkey to resync effects, that's one I used to use but now forget
  2. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Hey, meowmeowmeow!
    Please explain in more detail what you call "keyframing"
    Screenshot will help understand you problem
  3. meowmeowmeow

    meowmeowmeow Member

    I think I must have changed something about my admin settings last time I upgraded...seems like there would be a menu option for if you wanted this paused or continuing to play. I was used to watching it animate looping,( I have it set to 1 with the timing) and that got me a better feel for what values I wanted to put new keys at. It's like if I re trigger the clip it will play, but as soon as a try to put a new keyframe on a cue that's been playing it snaps back to a paused moment.

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