please help with Beyond 2.1 and QM2000.NET

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  1. Svr

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    Hello! Sorry for my English.
    My question is: why the BEYOND 2.1 detects the controller, but does not run and is waiting for the connection of the controller (screen3). I leave the screenshots below.
    Thanks in advance for the answer!
    P.S. controller is connected properly to the PC (as seen in the screenshots).
    P.P.S. OS Windows 10 Pro x32, 2 Gb Memory.

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  2. neutrino

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    Do you have a license file for your QM?
    What happens if you also connect one of your licensed FB3s?
  3. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    You have license file for FB3 hardware, and it is not connected. If you purchased BEYOND with FB3, then you need to connect it. If you purchased BEYOND with QM2000 then you need a license for QM2000.

    You may write in Russian. Just explain what you have and we will see what to do.

    Vsego dobrogo,

  4. Svr

    Svr Member

    Thank you, Alexey!
    U menya yest' kontroller(QM2000.NET) kotoryy rabotal s BEYOND 2.0 build 699B, bez litsenzionnogo fayla. Ya prosto podklyuchal kontroller k komp'yuteru cherez Lan kabel' i u menya vso zapuskalos'.
    No s BEYOND 2.1 build 768 takogo ne poluchayetsya ( poyavlyayetsya okno kak na Screen 3 ) , ya vot i khotel uznat' pochemu ?
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  5. Svr

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    1. I do not have a license file to the QM, but is supplied with license file?
    2. BEYOND works when I connect the FB3.
  6. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Send QM2000 serial number and I will be able to tell more.

    We have somewhere on forum a description of license update rules. For QM2000 it depends on serial number, type and purchase date. I will redirect to our team in office, they will check.