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  1. Matthew Dobrski

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    Although being almost technofobic and with 40 years experience in showbiz, the laser light show is a new teritory for me. The goal is to occasionally display an simple logo and/or animated text on the wall of small club. After intensive research I opted for CS-1000RGB projector with 30kpps scanner, coupled with QuickShow software and dedicated laptop. Unfortunately the results are way below acceptable, in terms of the projection quality. No matter what I do within QS setup options, the logo images or fonts are distorted heavily. Lowering scan rate to around 5K helps a little at the expense of terrible flickering. Apparently galvos can't handle anything more complex than simple waves or cones in foggy air, which is a big NO in my club. Of course better (faster) snanners - perhaps these not made of bamboo wood - may be the answer. Unfortunately the budget is limited to $2000 max for the system, including computer. Am I hitting the wall here (pun intended), or something can be done to eliminate my frustration:confused:?
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    The chance is that your image contains to many points.

    Try to remove some of the logo to minimize points, or indeed, you need faster scanners.

    I don't have a good view of your current setup. It could also be that you have an to large scan angle..

    What happens if you make the projection zone really small?
  3. Matthew Dobrski

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    Indeed, too many traced points may be too demanding for this scanner. I'll try to edit trace even further than I did already, but I don't believe in radical improvement. Yes, I tried minimizing the scan angle, but I didn't noticed any difference in display quality.

    I'm pretty sure that I've invested in dead cow. Unfortunately my budget is limited to $2000 max, including controlling computer, software and interface. Sadly, the lw US refused to take this purchase back and reimburse me...