Possible bug in attenuation mapping

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    Not sure if this a possible bug or by design, or if it's already been fixed please disregard. In my test machine I am using build 603, however I believe other versions have the same behaviour.

    For setting beam attenuation maps I find the laser cursor to be very useful.

    The issue applies to when a cue is flipped, say for example by adjusting x size from 100 to -100.

    When set to "Calculate BAMs after geometric correction", the bams stay put whether the zone is flipped or resized which is a great feature, however the cursor flips with the zone. So if trying to draw a bam with the cursor after flipping or resizing a zone, it ends up in the wrong place.

    Not sure if I described that well, but a fix for this would be to have the laser cursor be relative to the master settings for the projector when in "Calculate BAMs after geometric correction" mode.
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    Also I just wanted to add, I initially found the wording of "Calculate bams before" or "Calculate bams after" to be a bit confusing until actually playing with both to get used to their behaviour. And even then it seems like they might be reversed based on the wording.

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but if not, a way to word it that might clear up the confusion would be "Calculate BAMS based on zone settings" or "Calculate BAMS based on master projector settings"

    Just an idea, but I think might help others in understanding what they do.

    Either way great feature. I really like being able to setup the bam once per projector and just copy / pasted into different zones despite being different sizes, some being mirrored, etc.
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    If possible can you send me a small video of what you are experiencing; I am having trouble envisioning what you are seeing by reading your words. Sometimes it is hard to picture visual phenomena when reading a written description. :eek:
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    Thanks Aaron,

    Sounds good, it is a bit hard to describe. I likely won't have a chance to set it up and get a video until next week, but will try to follow up on this.

    Edit : I just confirmed that the issue does still exist in build 612.

    In the mean time, another way to describe that hopefully might be easier to visualize

    When a zone flipped by geometric correction, for example setting x size from +100 to -100, the displayed output is mirrored (left becomes right, right becomes left).

    The laser cursor follows this setting regardless of the calculate BAMS before or after setting. (right becomes left, left becomes right)

    So when calculate BAMS after geometric correction is set (which doesn't follow the mirroring, left is left, right is right), if I draw an attenuation map on a flipped zone :

    - the laser cursor is flipped (so looking at the right of the map on screen, looking at the wall the laser cursor on the wall would be on the left),

    * the problem is if I draw a map using that cursor as guidance, on the left side of the wall (right side of the screen), the resulting map applies to the right side of the wall. (Because the calculate after setting, left is left, right is right regardless of geometric correction setting)

    So the laser cursor as a result can't be used as guidance to draw a zone when in that mode, except by flipping the zone back to x size +100 first.

    The same issue applies even when a zone is just resized. So the fix would be :

    if the (calculate BAMS after geometric correction) box is set {
    -set laser cursor to follow master projector settings rather thancorrected zone settings

    I've got a couple big jobs coming up, but once I get a chance to relax next week I'll try to put together a video if all else fails. Unfortunately I just have a cell phone for video, but I think it should be enough demonstrate the problem.
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