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    Hi, testing the software with 2 monitors i noticed a possible bug.
    Beyond 1.91 Build 612.

    When i maximize the Beyond at 3840x1080, the audio of the timeline is not expanded like the láser tracks, so the audio sync looks out of tempo. Also you can see that the audio track is not fully drawed.

    To fix this i need to make smaller the main canvas just to use 1 monitor at 1920x1080, the others screens can be undocked to the second monitor.

    Please have a look the images added, thanks.

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  2. ENOT

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    OK, we will take a look. In general, I recommend do not strecth the window to such width. This is big load for CPU and there is a limit for bitmap width.

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  3. class4studio

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    Ok, thanks for the info. :)
  4. buffo

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    I wonder if this is related to my bug... I'm having audio timing issues, and I'm using a dual monitor setup as well. My main monitor is a large, wide-format TV (720P), while the other monitor is a 4:3 ratio screen.

    Currently, I'm having problems when I select "play" from a given point in the timeline... Sometimes it doesn't actually start at the correct point, but rather 5 or 10 seconds earlier or later. I'm using the wide-format screen for the timeline editor though.

    If I get a chance, I'll try to replicate the problem with the timeline on the 4:3 monitor just to see if it still happens.

  5. ENOT

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    Hi Adam,

    I recommend update drivers. If you use build older than 612, then download this build from our website.

    Best Regards,

  6. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Adam, if you reproduce it, try to send me a short video and some screen shots. ;)
  7. buffo

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    I've managed to rule out the monitor resolution as a cause. It happens on both monitors.

    I'm starting to think it may be an issue with using an MP3 file for the audio rather than a true .wav file. I'm going to try some more edits with a .wav file and see if the problem goes away.


    I already have the latest drivers installed, and the latest build.


    EDIT: Alexey has been in touch with me via e-mail, and once I've done some more testing I should be able to give him a better idea of how to reproduce the problem on his end. Then he should be able to fix it. ;)
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