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  1. Hektek

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    I've got a client that needs to pre visualize their full production, including the laser effects, with Capture Polar. The Capture manual does not have instructions for this, and neither does Beyond. From what I can tell, you use the 'Enable visualization' tool under the View menu. Does this mean the client will need to have a copy of Beyond and a timecode reader connected to their system to render the laser effects in real-time as they play the whole show?

    Is there a way for me to export a file for them to import into Capture on their end?

    Can a I get a quick description of the proper set-up steps for previz with Capture?

    This show will be using 18 zones, are there any known issues or suggestions people can offer?
  2. ENOT

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    Hi Hektek,

    For such situation recommended solution is to use BEYOND. For simple cases there is a simple player that can take one LDS file and stream it to Capture Polar. It has no support of multi laser, projection zones and so on. For more complex scenarios than that is BEYOND.

    The show of BEYOND can be simple and at same time pretty complex. Can be used the scripts, Universe, Also-To feature of Zones, Beams and so on. The show can be complex and for execution of it may be required a real BEYOND. I foresee the questions like "what if I don’t need this", or "BEYOND is too complex for such simple need as playback". Yes, this is expected and correct questions. From my side I want to say that incomplete (limited) show player will be a problem for our clients as well as for company because it will be unable to execute some Shows. Complex shows is only question of time, they will appear. So, BEYOND as a player is always an ultimate answer. Players with limited functionality is what we no doubt should consider, but as a developer I see a number of questions that must be solved.

    Timecode, BEYOND support a few types, such as a few MIDI or ArtNet timecodes, or TC2000. Possibly can be used MIDI loopback.

    Import the show into Capture Polar. This is not possible.

    Zones. Communication use conception of "projectors". Each PZ of BEYOND has a setting - "Fixture number" in visualization software. You will need to make the settings for each zone in PZ dialog of BEYOND. Older version of Capture Polar has a limit of 4 projectors. Recent version support 20 or so, sorry, do not memorize exact number. It is easy to test during setup of PZ in BEYOND, increase the Fixture index and you will see the limit.

    Description. Sorry, right now we do not have a step by step description file. Capture Polar detect the visualization stream from BEYOND and create corresponding "media" in the listbox at right side of Capture Polar window.

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  3. Hektek

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    Thanks for the reply. It appears the PZ fixture number currently goes up to 256. That will be more than enough for this particular project.
  4. ENOT

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    Communication protocol allow up to 255 devices. Pay attention that visualization software may support less than that because of optimization reasons. Always use the fixtures starting from 1. If visualization software do not react on fixtures with high number then the index is above the limit.