Preview window mirrored X axis output for 2 lasers ??

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  1. Satchmo

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    I'm trying to get a preview rendition of two lasers running off 1 X FB3 and one flipped L/R on the horizontal axis by internal switch . I've played with both the `mirror position' and `mirror output' and can't seem to recreate the real situation in the preview window. The ' Mirror output' checkbox doesn't seem to do anything that I can see ? Do I need Beyond to do this ?

    Another question - I can set the Preview window in Projection zones/ Preview settings at 200 X 200 pixels , but the only way I can get the preview window bigger on the main sceen is by dragging down , then it is 2:1 rectangle so I'm not sure of the meaning of the 200 X 200 setting.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Pangolin

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    What you want to do indeed can be done, and it's not too difficult. You are in the right area with Projection Zones, but in addition to checking those boxes (and we'd recommend you check box), you then move the Virtual Projector Position, and also probably Projector size and target projection (the sliders also in this area) to create the look you want.

    Also, it's not 200 pixels but rather 200%.

    If you have some difficulty, contact our office and Aaron will dial into your computer and show you how to do it.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Thanks William. I created a triangular tunnel with a slow z rotation as a test cue. I've both crossed over the virtual projector positions and crosssed over the preview projected image plane using the respective X position sliders and nothing has given me the opposite rotation of the tunnels that I would expect with one of the two projectors having an X flip active. Is there an Email I can reach Aaron on ?
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    You can reach Aaron at "his name at Pangolin dot com" or through the contact form at

    (We don't publish email addresses to avoid spam.)

    The solution is very simple and I am sure you are really very close with what you are doing. He'll be able to talk you through it, or simply dial into your computer and show you how.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  5. Aaron@Pangolin

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    (from email reply)

    I must admit I am not 100% sure what you are after but I did set something up to produce what I “thinkâ€￾ you want. Here are a few screen snippets of me sending one cue (triangle tunnel) to two projection zones with both of the projection zones’ preview window settings changed to exhibit what I “thinkâ€￾ you are after. The result is two counter rotating triangle tunnels. I cannot however figure out how to change the dimensions of the preview window(and will need to get back to you on that if it is possible).