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  1. wakka

    wakka New Member

    I would like to know what are the typical prices of custom and not custom laser shows?

    And what about beam shows?

    (Only the price for buying shows, not performing)
  2. I suspect each programmer has their own prices. I currently charge as much as $100 per minute of show for custom beam shows or as little as $50 per show I make on my own for fun; when I started programming I think I gave my first 8 or 10 beam shows out for free.

    I know of a company that charges $500 to $1000 per minute for custom graphic shows. I would consider that company to be part of the "Laser Gods" club though. :cool:
  3. wakka

    wakka New Member

    Thanks for the info!

    What about graphics show? Will I need to pay more or less for them compared to beam shows?
  4. VisuTek

    VisuTek New Member

    We normally take for a beamshow EUR 100,- per minute. Graphicshows are more work so we normally take about EUR 800,- per minute for a fully animated graphicshow.
  5. Laserfxru

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