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    Hello everyone !
    This is my first post. I was going to email Pangolin to ask this question, but then I thought others may have had the same question at some point and this way it's in a searchable database.
    I am a new Pangolin customer, (LD2000 Pro/QM2000.Net), and I would like to print the help files for LD2000 and LivePro but I find the text size too small to read. I believe the help files are a "microsoft windows ".chm" file type and the only program that opens the files is the html editor that comes with Vista ultimate edition. If I print the whole doccument with headings and sub-directories the text is too small to read, but if I print each heading and the information within that heading seperatley (which is a much longer process) the text is larger and much easier to read.
    There seems to be no way to increase the font size when the print options dialog boxes open. There is an "enlarge/reduce" checkbox by "percentage" or "output paper size" but these just make the text run off the page on each line.
    I have "Google'd" the .chm file type but Microsoft seems to have the market cornered by having the only program that will view the help files. It would have been nice if the help files had been in another format or something that has more versatility when it comes to printing ( I think i read somewhere that Microsoft is discontinuing the format due to it's limited capabilities).

    Maybe someone has come accross this before and has a solution.

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