Pro-RGB-500 & LD2000 for Sale

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by FunTimes, Jan 21, 2009.

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    ****** SOLD ********

    Last Summer I bought an RGB500 Projector and LD2000 card/software. Sounded like it would be fun, but never had the time to really use it. Has less than 5 hours on the projector. The projector also comes in a nice hard flight case with wheels.

    For the projector, LD2000 card and software I'm asking for $3400 plus shipping. It's located in Salem, VA and I would be more than happy to set it up for you should you want to buy in person.

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    is the unit still available

    How many watts is it
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    Still Available

    It's a 500mw laser...

    I would like to get $2500 for the laser, travel case and the QM 2000 card/software. Laser only have about 8-10 hours on it.

    Email me at or call me at 540-520-4276.

    I can even accept MC/Visa/AMEX/Discover for payment through my Party Store if that will help.