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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by jujun, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. jujun

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    Hello,Who can tell me When I run TraceIT,I loaded one picture ,it shows two double lines? How to adjust it? Thanks!:eek: 111.jpg

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    There are several options to optimize your traced output. A small movable window should be called Tracing Settings that has an option to remove double lines although as I test your image that option does not fix what you are trying to fix.

    There is a drop down at the top left of the user interface that defaults to "Auto Colors"; change this to Centerline and play with the Mask settings in the Tracing Setting floating window and you will get a good trace of your image (as I am able to).
  3. jujun

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    not good effect

    sorry,I tried to change these settings ,but it shows not good effect. Can you show me how to settings?:eek: TkS!
  4. jujun

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    Thank you very much,I tried it again,I think i had sloved this problem