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    Hi, Im currently working on a project that I need to combine my laser output image with a projected short film. Though the framerate of my short film is 60 fps. Is there any way to play my frame in laserShow Designer 2000 with same framerate? Where can I adjust this value.

    Thankyou :)

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    LD2000 is going to produce a frame rate based on two things (mainly); one is the number of points in your laser frame and the other is the scan rate you have LD2000 running your scanners at. Image complexity contributes to this some but it is mostly point count and scanner speed. There is no "FPS" setting. The only setting you can change to effect this would be scanner speed in the Projector settings menu; then you work with the number of points in your image.
    Depending on your laser image, keeping a straight 60 FPS might be difficult unless all your frames have the same number of points. If you have 30k scanners, all your images will need to have 500 points or less AND not be too complex an image; if you have 60k scanners you could get your image point count up to 1000 points but again, the image needs to be simple or you will need to have fewer points because the image complexity can cause a loss in FPS.

    60 FPS might also be hard to maintain for you laser projector (or the scanners within) unless you have high quality, high speed scanners. Our Saturn series we are about to release soon (don't ask for a date...) ;) would do it or a set of Cambridge 6215s with high speed amps.

    Also, remember there will be a scan angle limitation. I would get familiar with 8 degrees. ;)
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    Is it bad to run in slow Fps? ( the fps counter becomes red if so. )