problem with ilda export for flashcard

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by lorenzopompei, May 26, 2005.

  1. lorenzopompei

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    I have a problem with a flashcard
    I have to export a show in ilda file and load that in a flahcard, this card in mounted in a laser, but when I see the show from the laser all the show is resize,
    I have just tested all the options for the export,
    Thanks, Mauro
  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi Mauro,

    There are two options in Showtime's Export facility. One option will export all frames "full size", and the other option will export using Projection Zones. The option to export using Projection Zones is pretty handy, because you can pre-correct any imagery for geometric distortion.

    However, with this being said, you may have another problem which is hardware related. The Flashback series of boards does not have differential outputs for X and Y -- only single ended outputs. This is because the Flashback series of boards was intended to be embedded into projectors where you would have total control over the rest of the hardware, including scanner amp gains. Please make sure that your scanner amp gain is configured such that +5V deflects the beam to "right-most" and "top-most" and that -5V deflects the beam to "left-most" and "bottom-most" positions.

  3. aly

    aly Well-Known Member

    Now we have prepared a PCB with amplifier which generates fully differential (ilda compatible) signals. This way the projected image is not anymore reduced to 50%. It is connected in the middle of flashback output cable.
    Boards are on stock, if anyone needs them.
  4. aly

    aly Well-Known Member

    And the photo of the board...

    It does not need external power supply. Connection to FB3 is enough.
  5. mking

    mking New Member

    Excellent, this looks like exactly what I need! How much $$$


  6. aly

    aly Well-Known Member

    Pangolin has now all of these boards.
    Contact them directly.