problem with trace it video tracer

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  1. franck

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    I all :)
    i have some bugs under trace it.
    i have problem to convert video file to ilda.
    i use a .avi file and when i try to convert it i have only one frame and the
    other are black.
    even when i use video player and try to extract one frame some works and other
    won't work.
    and when i try to use the video batch converter with the "split" function some
    ilda files cannot be oppened "bad file" from monkey tools.
    i'm the only one with this bug?

    here is a screen shot of 10 first frame of the video.
    look the black frames
    when stored in ilda file they create a wrong file

    trace it version:

    AMD XP3000+
    1Gb RAM
    radeon AIW 9700 pro

  2. franck

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    i have forget:

    another bug:
    when the video trace still running, the video picture displayed not fit the dialog window. i only see the top of the video, not the entire display.

    and system OS win XP SP1
  3. franck

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    i have update to and same thing :(
  4. franck

    franck Member

    after test the video tracer can't go over 1612 or 1613 frames after the video keep the last frame.
    help please.
  5. franck

    franck Member

    i have make some test to help debug
    with the same video file
    when i use the trace > video tracer function i obtain a corrupted ilda file but when i open it with another ilda editor there is some good frame and the first wrong frame is the 10.

    now when i use the file > video viewer and i load the video file and click on the "auto" function the software freeze at the......10th frame! strange ! the same that the video trace first wrong frame....

    the only thing i can make at this time is a ctrl + alt + suppr.

    i hope that can help.
  6. Pangolin

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    Hi Franck,

    I have discussed this with Alexey, the author of TraceIT, and here is what we think:

    It is good that you included a screen shot with your first message. The bad thing is that there are black frames. Our guess is that you tried to render the word PLAY in motion, and you used an AVI file, and perhaps background of all frames must be white. All of this looks like problem with MCI video player and the exact AVI codec that you are using.

    If you could send us the AVI file that you are using, along with the rendered ILDA result, we will take a look at it and get back with you.

    Also, you made mention of problems with the ILDA file and some "Monkey" tool. One thing that history has taught us, is that each program seemingly implements its own ILDA format. Lets just say that I wish I had a dollar for every flavor of the ILDA format that I have ever seen... We do not believe that TraceIT has a problem with its ILDA export facility, especially since we use this same code in all of our programs.

  7. franck

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    Hi Bill :)
    thanks for you reply :)
    after lot and lot of try i have found the problem and thats what you have explain below :)
    i have opened the video with virtual dub and i have see at the key frame position a "D" with random apparitions.
    this "D" show dropped frame in the video file and thats why traceit make wrong ilda file.
    after dropped frame cleaning of the video all work fine but just if the video file does not have black or white frame.
    if there is white or black frame the ilda file created is wrong.
    but this problem appear only in video to ilda frame (wire frame not raster) in raster mode the ilda file is ok but there is a flicker at the white/black position.
    there is something to do to solve this problem?

    i hope my problem help other users who have the same thing :)
    the solution is to use virtual dub to see if a video have dropped frame and correct if necessary.