Problems Controlling Highend HOG4 via OSC

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    in a few weeks we have the task to trigger cues in HOG4 from Pangolin
    Beyond Advanced

    I build up a test-scenario containing:

    - HOG4PC (v3.4.0 (b1243) / Win10-32 / HOG-USB-DMX-Widget connected

    - Pangolin Beyond Advanced 2.1 (Build 834)/ Win10-64

    - TouchOSC on an Android-Pad

    When I run a OSC-command from TouchOSC everything works fine.

    When I send the same command from Beyond I get an dissecting error from

    I took some screenshots. - Packet dissected from both sources: Viewed in
    the Beyond and the HOG4-Monitor.

    I also took two screenshots from a wireshark capture.

    I saw, that the paket-lenght has a difference of 4 Bytes, but the
    package data is the same.

    I have no problems controlling other sotware like Resolume, ... from

    Any ideas, what to do?

    Please let me know if I could help with more Informations.

    with kind regards,


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    Also no Answer from Highend-Support

    .. so we realised with Midi over Ethernet.
    The limitation in complex scripting are the 127 Notes in Macro-Programming, but for the first step it works.

    Iam trying to figure out, who has an inconsistent implementation of osc.
    What is Beyond using? OSC 1.0 or 1.1?

    with kind regards