problems with Innova310

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Lorenzo, May 16, 2006.

  1. Lorenzo

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    Hallo, I have an Innova310 laser with digital remote controll. When I try to start the laser I've got the following problem: the countdown runs from 30sec... as it reaches the 0 the following message is displayed on the remote: Fired starter 5x
    No light comes out, the "laser emission" sign does not light up and the integrated power meter shows 0.045W...
    Has anybody an idea which could help me resolving this problem?
    This are some details from the diagnostic menu on the remote:

    Start delay: 0
    Fired Starter 5x

    Tube: P=0.061W
    V=292.8V I=0.5A

    V=0.0V Max=60A

    Autofill ok

    Cathode I=25.6A
    Magnet I=7.1A

    Photocell Temp
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    My guess is that the passbank relay is not engaging or the high voltage ingitor is not working. Have you tried to send an email to Leminus who bought Coherent?

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