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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by DJBob, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. DJBob

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    I have LD2000 and am was working on the LivePro controls for Beam Shows. During this morning's session I've lost about 4 beam shows (Popmusic; SpclFx; Turnbeat; and Reflect) and it's freaking me out. Help!

    I would go into LivePro on a show and set up my cues for it. When exiting, it asks if I want to save the file, I click yes and get a prompt saying the file is too big to save and the program disappears. When I say 'disappear', I mean the folder is still available in the drop down menu box, but when I click to open it it tells me No items match your search.

    What did I do wrong this time?
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  2. Cyberb0b

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    Normally you use showtime to setup your beam shows.

    Livepro is mend for live shows and works with frames and such.

    Of course you could also use autoplay for this.
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  3. DJBob

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    I was pre-setting some frames & cues in Live Pro when this happens. I think I figured out how I did it (so hopefully I won't do it again), and now need to figure out how to recover the missing files.
  4. Cyberb0b

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    I Don't know if these shows came originally from the installer CD/DVD.

    If so, you can look on the installation cd in the directory's:

    LD2000\ILP_Frames&Shows or in
  5. DJBob

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    I have the CDs and that's my next step- I work weekends and don't want to start digging into things until the weekend is over and I have time to sit down and spend some time with it, just in case something else screws up.
  6. aly

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    If you tried to insert a whole show (intrended for LD) as only one cue in LivePro, I'm not surprised that it crashed.

    Open "My computer" and go to the folder, where the shows should be. Are they here? If some files are missing, this is very very strange. For shure they are on the original CD for LD system.

    But if your Workspace file for LivePro is gone, than - I am sorry - it is really gone.
    From such situation I have learned to save every changed workspace to a new file. So I always have some kind of a backup file - last one that worked fine.