problems with two FB3-SE and QuickShow

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by Maro, May 29, 2012.

  1. Maro

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    Hi! first off all, i'm new to this so some of my questions may be stupis so sorry for that.
    well here's the thing, I have two Kvant Spectrum 3W lasers with FB3-se controlers... now when i connect them to my laptop and start QS after i did firmware update they are working ok but i have a couple of problems.... first one is that when i play any kind of animation i have for every one of them do the right click and open cue properties and in general under projections zones i have to select zone 4: scanner 4 main and then run cue again so that i can see projection on bouth laser, othervise i see it only on one laser.
    and second problem, under settings-projector settings, on one head i have a lot of zones in test pattern destination window but when i switch to other controler i have only like zone 1 and zone 2....

    can someone help me with that?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Actually what you are seeing is how the QuickShow workspace and Projection Zone settings are set up by default.

    Each cue on each page is set to project to one projection zone. If you want to project a cue to more than one projection zone you must manually change the cue properties so the cue is directed to each projection zone you want to display that cue. You will also have to re-initialize the cue to get it to see the projection zone changes.

    Also, most of the projection zones are set to scanner 1 in the projection zone settings because most users start out using only one projector or scanner. You will need to assign the projection zone to another scanner in the Projection zone settings; then you will see more zones assigned to that scanner within the Projector settings screen.
  3. Maro

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    Ok thx for the info, now some things are more clearer to me.
    In beyond forum i postet something so if u can, reply.
    I want to know how to obtain beyond because i didn't get it with 4 FB's and quicktime i can download from internet so...

    P.s. Im trying to map whole qs on midi controller (most of it is about cues transfer to controller pads) and im allmost there so i will make a post when its finished in right forum ;-)