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    The projection system I've been using recently does not really have a 'standard' layout. The effect turrets are modular and can be moved from one position to another on the 'rail' (which can also have a varying number of output postions). The show I'm currently setting up has one of our prepackaged show modules as well as new show modules that I'm designing. The show requirements force me to change some of the positions (e.g. fiber launcher rather that beam positions) so the prepackaged show will be calling up DMX positions to activate effects that are no longer on the rail.
    It would be nice if I could create an 'alias' for the DMX channels that would allow me to assign, for example, the scanner to "DMX-Scanner" and have the software 'map' DMX channel 8 to that alias for that module, then for a different show map "DMX-Scanner" to channel 4. Then it could be possible to 'remap' the first shows scanner to ch. 4 without having to go through every reference to it.

    Ah Clem
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    There are two ways to control DMX Output with the LD2000 product. One of the two ways is to use DMX Frames. The second is to use Virtual TTL bits. If you use DMX Frames, these have a natural ability to "alias" the way you are talking about, since you would only edit those DMX frames that control your specific functions. Virtual TTL is a bit less flexible in this regard, but still I think it should not be time-prohibitive to accomplish your goals.

    Please exlore the TTL and DMX Frames concepts and hopefully you will see what I am talking about.