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  1. whiteg

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    How to make settings the projection zone different brightness. Why no brightness setting in the projection zone settings.
    For example (simple data box):
    - Graphics zone: 30%,
    - Atmospherics: 100%,
    - etc.....

    I can only use the beam attenuation map, but function this is not intended.

    Thank you the reply,
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Actually that is exactly what the BAM is for, reducing the power for a zone; it is intended for any reason you need it, not just for audience scanning or saving cameras/video projectors. ;)
  3. whiteg

    whiteg Well-Known Member

    Ok, I will use it BAM, thank you! :)
  4. Mntgoat

    Mntgoat New Member

    Copying QS Settings (BPM)

    I am struggling with problem.
    When I use a laptop with QS my projector is about 1/4th the power as if I use a desktop.
    I've checked the projector settings and I *think* the projector settings are the same, but is there an easy way to copy the settings from my desktop to the laptop (such as moving the workspace over or something?)
    I'd like to copy the project settings and any attenuation map (I don't think one if applied, but just in case.)

  5. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I would not worry so much with the projector settings being different as they all should default to 100% power usage.

    The only way your laptop could be different is if you set a Beam Attenuation Map or you have turned the maximum power down in the color settings tab of the Main Projector settings menu.

    Do you have access to a power meter? I would like to see measurements of the differences you are seeing between your desktop and laptop. The only explination I can think of is if your laptop's power supply/battery is not able to provide enough juice to the computer so it can provide enough current to your USB ports. Another test would be to get a good self powered USB HUB and run your FB3s of that.
  6. Mntgoat

    Mntgoat New Member

    BAM and laptop USB power

    Hi Aaron,

    Being a hobbyist, I don't have access to a power meter but I can tell you the power difference is striking. Using the laptop with my high power (~5.5 watts) projector is about as bright as my 1 watt projector. Not only is the brightness very noticeable, but I can see the difference in burning power (using the desktop the projector can easily and quickly burn through a white greet card, and with the laptop the beam is barely even warm though if you hold your hand in the beam for an extended time it will eventually get hot.) Obviously this is a very rough "ghetto" means of estimating power, but I think we can agree that this is evidence of substantially different power outputs.

    I did already check the color settings in the projector setup screen and they are identical between the laptop and desktop.

    I did not see a BAM configured on the laptop, but is there a way to copy all the QS configuration (including BAM) from the desktop and move it to the laptop to ensure everything is identical?

    Another idea I had. I have seen some laptops that restrict their USB power to conserve the laptop battery. This becomes evident when it is hard to charge an iPhone off the laptop.

    A friend encountered this on his computer and found an ASUS driver than would eliminate the USB power restriction, so maybe that is going on?

    In your post you suggest using an IPhone charger to power the FB3. I am willing to try that, but I am not sure I understand. How would we get the signal from the laptop to the FB3 if it is powered off an IPhone charger? Can you elaborate?

    Other ideas I had: try powering the FB3 off a powered USB hub to boost the power to the FB3, and try my 1 watt projector on both the laptop and desktop to see if the projection power varies between the computers.

  7. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    The QS settings are stored int he QS.INI. I must admid, I am not sure if copying that file over will do the trick but that is how I would try it but if everything "looks" the same it is; there are no hidden settings that would cause this.

    The limited USB power may be the issue but I have never seen, nor heard of this type of setting.

    I do not see a suggestion from me concerning an iPod charger (at least not in this thread). I once mentioned it for a FB3-SE or XE, but that is to run frames off the internal XD memory card since those can be stand alone units. This would not work here since you have a FB3-QS (I am guessing).

    I mentioned using a powered USB HUB as that should give you full power on the USB port.